Having a good mind, finite goals, desire, passion, and persistance one can achieve anything. Essentially, create a goal and tell yourself this goal every day and one will be able to achieve this. Without a goal and without the will and plan for achieving such goals one will always fail. Don't get into the trap of telling someone the goal before actually achieving the goal. Show it, not tell it. Like Edison, don't give up because that 10,001 time - a light bulb will be created. Only you are the one that can achieve your goal. Surround yourself with like-minded people that can assist with your goal.

Chapter 1: The Power of Thought

If one thinks they can do it, they can do it

  • You are a master of your own fate
  • The greatest success is one step after failure

Story of the girl requesting 50 cents

A small girl requested 50 cents from the farmer on behalf of her mother. The farmer did not want to give this money and demanded her to leave. She did not move an inch. The farmer then noticed her not moving and yelled at her with a shovel. She stepped forward and demanded straight into his eyes the 50 cents. The farmer gave her the money and then cried as she left in losslessness.

Chapter 2: Desire

Barnes succeeded because he chose a definite goal and placed all of his willpower and thought into achieving that goal.

Six steps into achieving a goal

  1. Fixate into what you want to desire into achieving. (How much money and how much time)
  2. What will you give in return (there is no such thing as something for nothing)
  3. Establish an end date
  4. Create a definite plan
  5. Write this plan in a clear and concise statement
    • how much time,
    • how much money you desire,
  6. Read this statement every day

Every failure brings an equivalent success

Beethoven was deaf, and think how much he has achieved

  • Arnold Swatzenager desired much much
  • Imagine yourself
  • Reflect on past success
  • Set definite goals
  • Respond positively to life

Chapter 3: Faith (Visualizing and believing)

Thoughts of the mind will produce outward

The law of auto-suggestion

  • if you think you are beaten you are
  • If you think you dar not, you don’t

Faith removes limitations

Chapter 4: Auto-suggestion (influencing the subconscious mind)

Auto-suggestion is the art of telling yourself xyz that then gives you faith and the desire to create an obsession achieving the goal. Creating a finite goal and auto-suggestion == end game.

finite goal + auto-suggestion = end game

Chapter 5: Specialized knowledge (personal experiences)

General vs specialized knowledge

Educated people have developed the faculties of their minds so that they may acquire anything they want.

Chapter 6: Imagination

we can create anything we can imagine

Advice to success

  • stick to your ideas
  • think of what the customers want and then give it to them
  • Overcome obstacles by breaking them down
  • Keep open to new opportunities

Synthetic vs creative imagination

Synthetic Imagination: One may arrange old concepts, ideas or plans into new combinations.

Creative Imagination: Direct communication with Infinite Intelligence for where new ideas are developed.

Word of mouth advertising + amazing customer service = formula for success (Amazon excelled at this)

Chapter 7: Organized planning

Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before he perfected the incandescent electric light bulb. Thus, he met defeat 10,000 times before his efforts were crowned with success.

Building a practical plan:

  1. Ally yourself with a group of as many people you need to create and carry out the plan.
  2. Before aligning this master group - decide what advantages and benefits you can offer them
  3. Arrange to meet twice a week
  4. Maintain perfect harmony between the group

Chapter 8: Decision

Procrastination if the opposite of decision

Lack of decision is the link of major causes in failure.

Tell the world what you intend to do, but first SHOW IT

Chapter 9: Persistence

Riches do not respond to wishes. They res

Chapter 12: The Subconscious Mind

Seven major positive emotions

  • Desire
  • Faith
  • Love
  • Sex
  • Enthusiasm
  • Romance
  • Hope

Seven negative emotions

  • Fear
  • Jealousy
  • Hatred
  • Revenge
  • Greed
  • Superstition
  • Anger

one or the other must dominate

position emotions constitute the dominating influence of your mind

Chapter 15: How to outwit the six ghosts of fear

The six fears one must overcome and accept

  • poverty
  • criticism
  • ill health (75% of people who visit the doctor suffer from hypochondria (imaginary illness))
  • loss of love of someone
  • old age
  • death

Chapter 16: The devils workshop

People with negative minds tried to convince Thomas Edison that he could not build a machine that would record and reproduce a human voice because no one has done it

The famous alibis of if only ......