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Chapter 1: Finite and infinite games

Finite: short game (football match)

Infinite: never ending (visionary)

Looking at leadership styles some can be finite and others can be infinite

finite minded nearly destroyed all companies - and only the lucky ones were rescued by infinite minded leaders

Infinite mindset leadership must establish

  1. just cause
  2. building trusting teams
  3. study worthy rivals
  4. prepare for existential flexibility
  5. be a courageous leader

Chapter 2: Just cause

Just cause is a specific vision of a future state that does not yet exist.

This provides direction, innovation and inspiration and must meet five standards. So a just cause must be:

  1. for something (believing in it)
  2. inclusive (wearing sports jerseys)
  3. Service oriented (2 parities, giving and receiving)
  4. Resilient (adaptable)
  5. Idealistic (big, bold, unachievable)

Just causes should be written down.

believe in it!

Chapter 4: Cause no cause

Moon shot

  • finite objective that inspires for some time but has an expiration date

Being best is not a just cause, only temporary.